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Wooden Blinds

Storworld is one of Turkey's leading companies in the production of wooden blinds. We add warmth, elegance and functionality to your spaces with our products that we have carefully designed to bring the natural beauty and aesthetics of wood to your homes.

Expertise and Experience: Storworld is a pioneer in the production of wooden blinds with years of experience and expertise. Inspired by the essence of wood, we bring your homes together with naturalness.

Wide Product Range: As Storworld, we cater to different expectations with our wide range of products. Our collection of wooden blinds includes a variety of wood types, color options, and custom designs, so you can find an option for every taste.

Durable and Quality Materials: We do not compromise on quality while producing our products. Our wooden blinds are specially manufactured with long-lasting and durable materials, thus providing an aesthetic atmosphere in your home for many years to come.

Customization Opportunities: Storworld offers customization to its customers. Production with color options, patterns and special measurements allows you to add a personal touch to your home decoration.   


Why Us?

Product designs that combine aesthetics and naturalness.
Quality materials and expert production.
Wide range of products and customization possibilities.
Service approach focused on customer satisfaction.

Reinvent Your Home Decor with Storworld!

Rediscover your home with Storworld wooden blinds that combine natural beauty with aesthetic designs and quality materials. We are waiting for you in our stores throughout Turkey, helping you create living spaces in harmony with nature.

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