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roller blinds
roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been the most preferred model of mechanism curtains for many years. This curtain model, which consists of a hardened fabric and mechanical system, works by wrapping the fabric on the pipe and moving up and down with the help of a mechanism.  Roller blinds are now preferred instead of sunshade curtains used in the past. The reason for this is product variety and ease of use. It offers modernity and elegance to its users at the same time in the places where it is applied. Roller blinds can be used alone or combined with tulle curtains and background curtains.  Can also be used as There are many models of roller blinds, the main ones being sunscreen roller blinds, blackout roller blinds, linen roller blinds, polyester roller blinds. Skirt slice, skirt processing, laser cutting can be added to the roller blinds as accessories. As the storworld brand, we always stock the most up-to-date products, the highest quality systems and the strongest stocks.  We provide services to our dealers by hosting them in our structure.

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